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  • Payment is due within 3 days of the date of the invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing. Invoices will be raised for goods on delivery and for services, installation and commissioning on completion. Where deposit terms
    are agreed payment of the deposit must be made with the placing of the order.
  • If the customer does not pay the whole of the invoice by the required day the Customer shall pay interest on the amount outstanding from the date due for payment until the actual date of payment at the rate of 15% per month.
  • So long as any payment is outstanding whether under this contract of any other contract between the Company and the Customer the Company shall have a lien on any of the Customer’s goods or equipment in the Company’s possession
    and the Company shall be entitled to retain them or any of them and/or suspend work on any contract until payment is made.
  • So long as any payment is outstanding the Company shall not be obliged to make good any deficiency under the terms of its warranties.
  • Cancellation of purchaser’s order can only be accepted after prior negotiation and agreement. If Frontier Pitts Middle East agrees to accept cancellation, part cancellation, or return, a minimum charge of 15% will be made,
    if the goods are fabricated the maximum amount of 95% of the goods value will be charged.