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Types of Bollards:

While the prime aim for bollards is to limit any traffic, sometimes, landowners will have explicit requirements for their boundary posts. Some might need consistent assurance, while others need a more versatile choice that permits vehicular traffic when required. Based on this bollards can be of 3 types.

Our range of bollards caters to various needs:

Static Bollards

Ideal for long-term security, static bollards provide unwavering protection. They are the cost-effective choice for blocking High-Velocity Mitigation (HVM) access to areas. Static Bollard meets specific crash rating requirements, ensuring optimal protection and their availability makes them a popular option in the market.

Automatic Bollards

For flexible site protection, automatic bollards are perfect. They grant access when needed, making them ideal for areas where vehicular traffic requires occasional passage. These bollards seamlessly balance security with convenience.

Removable Bollards

For those seeking controlled site access, Removable Bollards provide a practical solution. They can be easily installed or removed as needed, ensuring that access remains in your control. Removable Bollards offer security without compromising on flexibility.

Protecting What Matters Most

At Frontier Pitts Middle East, we take pride in being your premier Bollard Supplier. Bollards are critical in securing spaces and safety. We offer a range of bollard solutions designed to protect pedestrians, store fronts, and more from both accidental and intentional vehicle threats.

Our Bollards are designed to cater to various security needs:

  • Permanent Access Blockade: Ideal for roads, parking areas, and pavements that require lasting separation from other traffic or pedestrian zones.
  • Temporary Access Restriction: Designed for areas that demand temporary segregation from traffic or pedestrian pathways.
  • Multi-Purpose Bollards: Perfect for creating a secure perimeter along walkways or bike paths.

Choose the Right Bollards for Your Needs

Not all bollards are created equal, as each serves a unique purpose. Consider the following options:

  • Static Bollards: Best suited for long-term security needs, offering reliable protection.
  • Automatic Bollards: Ideal for flexible site protection, allowing controlled access when required.
  • Removable Bollards: Perfect for maintaining controlled site access, providing versatility.

No matter the choice, all our bollards offer protection against low- and high-speed crashes, ensuring peace of mind for your security needs. If you’re uncertain about the type of bollards required for your specific needs, our team is here to guide you. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll provide expert advice tailored to your security requirements.

Choose Frontier Pitts Middle East as your trusted Bollard Supplier and secure your spaces with confidence.

Neverthless the type of bollard, all offer protection from low- and high-speed crashes.

**If you are unsure of the type of bollards you require, please
contact us and we will happily advise you accordingly.