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  • LPS 1175 Platinum | LPS 1175

    LPS 1175 Platinum | LPS 1175 | LPS 1175 Dubai

    Benefits & Features

    • LPS 1175 Security Rating B3: The Platinum Turnstile boasts LPS 1175 certification, Security Rating B3, ensuring it meets the highest standards of security. It's a heavy-duty, high-security turnstile that's Red Book Listed.
    • Revolutionary Design: Setting a new standard, this is the first LPS 1175 Security Rated Turnstile with a 120° rotor or 3 section walkway. Its anti-return solenoid further enhances security.
    • Power Locking Bolt: For unparalleled security, we've equipped this turnstile with a power locking bolt, ensuring it remains locked down, even during a breach attempt.
    • Exceptional Durability: Our turnstile is designed and proven to withstand a considerable degree of physical attack. It's built to stand the test of time and adversity.
    • CPNI Approved Integration: For extra high security, the Platinum Turnstile offers full CPNI approved fence line integration, making it ideal for critical infrastructure protection.
    • Fail-Secure Design: Even during power failures, rest assured that your security remains intact. The turnstile is fail-secure, maintaining its integrity when you need it most.
    LPS 1175 | LPS 1175 Platinum


    • Cage: The fully welded steel cage, backed with high-security mesh, forms a short walkway, ensuring that unauthorized access is nearly impossible.
    • Columns: Designed to accommodate card readers and other access control systems, our columns enhance the turnstile's functionality.
    • Canopy: A metal canopy with anti-drip guttering, featuring a reinforced high-security lid that lifts off for easy access, adds an extra layer of protection and convenience.
    • Rotor Options: Choose between a 90° rotor (4 section walkway) or the innovative 120° rotor (3 section walkway) based on your specific needs.


    Our turnstile can be easily interfaced with any access control systems you have in place, ensuring a cohesive security setup. In case of emergencies or maintenance, a manual release handle provides a quick and easy way to bypass the turnstile. For added safety and visibility, LED walkway lighting guides users through the turnstile with ease.

    Civil & Electrical Requirements

    With dimensions of L: 1600 x W: 1600 x D: 300 (millimeters), the Platinum Turnstile fits a compact footprint while delivering uncompromising security. LPS 1175 operates on a 230V 50HZ single-phase supply, making it energy-efficient and compatible with standard electrical systems.

    Why Choose our LPS 1175 Platinum Turnstile

    LPS 1175, the Platinum Turnstile has unrivaled security features, innovative design, and seamless integration options make it the go-to solution for businesses and organizations that prioritize safety and security above all else. Contact us today to learn more about how the Platinum Turnstile can elevate your security infrastructure. Your peace of mind is our commitment.