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  • lps 1175 platinum

    lps 1175 platinum

    Benefits & Features

    • The Platinum Turnstile is approved to LPS1175 Issue 8 Security Rating B3.
    • Heavy duty, high security turnstile. Red Book Listed
    • This is the first LPS1175 Security Rated Turnstile with a 120° rotor or 3 section walkway.*
    • Anti-return solenoid
    • LPS1175 Security Ratings B3 toolkit B, 3 minute attack time (certification 1059c)
    • Power locking bolt – provides turnstile lock down
    • Designed and proven to withstand a considerable degree of physical attack
    • Extra high security with a full CPNI approved fence line integration
    • Fail secure – turnstile will remain secure during power failure
    lps 1175 platinum


    • Cage: Fully welded steel cage backed with high security mesh to form a short walkway
    • Columns are used to mount card readers etc.
    • Canopy: metal canopy with anti-drip guttering, with reinforced high security lid which lifts off for access
    • Rotor: Option of 90° (4 section walkway) or 120° rotor (3 section walkway)
    • High-strength steel rotors


    • Can be interfaced to any access control systems
    • Manual release handle
    • LED walkway lighting

    Civil Requirements

    • L: 1600 x W: 1600 x D: 300 (millimetres)
    • Note: Power and control wiring ducts may be required
    • Minimum length of runback track: For gate apertures of 8m Runback = Aperture x 1.5

    Electrical Requirements

    • 230V 50HZ – single phase supply

    Depending on configuration

    This is subject to a risk assessment to ensure the automatic equipment complies to BS EN 12453