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  • The price quoted in the Company’s quotation is open for acceptance for 30 days. If an order is not received and accepted by the Company within the period stated the Company may review its prices.
  • If the contract involves the installation of any goods by the Company the Company shall supply the personnel and services referred to in the quotation and other personnel and services necessary for the installation will
    be supplied by the Customer. The Customer will further arrange for the site to be ready to accept the installation and unless other arrangements have been specified in the quotation will give the Company access to and
    possession of the site and provide proper lifting equipment and all other services and equipment and services necessary to enable the Company to complete the installation within any agreed time limit. If the customer
    fails to provide these facilities any extra cost or expense will be borne by the Customer and will be payable to the Company upon demand.
  • The price quoted is exclusive of any Value Added Tax payable in respect of the supply of goods or service and this will be additionally payable by the Customer.