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    Benefits & Features

    Benefits & Features

    • Successfully Forcible AttackTested by BRE to SR1(A1) SR2 (B3) & 3 (C5) resisting an intensive attack test program in accordance with LPS1175: Issue 7.3.
    • Security Rating 1: series of attacks lasting 1 minute
    • Security Rating 2: series of attacks lasting 3 minutes
    • Security Rating 3: series of attacks lasting 5 minutes
    • The popular bi-folding speed gate is a fast acting security gate, which is ideal for sites where there is a limited area for the gate to open and close
    • Hinged Gate leaves can be automated with our range of Trojan or Dutyman Actuators

    Trojan Actuator

    • Designed to automate larger, heavier gates
    • 100% duty rating – designed for continuous operation
    • Underground and surface mounted models available

    Dutyman MkII Actuator

    • A surface mounted, self contained electro-mechanical drive mechanism
    • The actuator will operate a single leaf width up to 5m and heights up to 4m *
    • 100% duty rating – designed for continuous operation


    • 100/200mm Traffic Light System
    • High Security Cabinet
    • Can be interfaced to any access control systems


    • Vehicle detector loops
    • Safety photocell beams
    • Flashing beacons
    • Audible alarm
    • Safety Edge

    Civil Requirements

    • Gate post foundation (millimetres)
      L: (Aperture + 920) x W: 600 x D: 400
    • Dutyman Actuator (millimetres)
      L: 600 x W: 970 x D: 400
    • Note: Power and control wiring ducts to be incorporated into foundations

    Electrical Requirements

    • Dependent on Automation

    Depending on configuration

    This is subject to a risk assessment to ensure the automatic equipment complies to BS EN 12453