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    Benefits & Features

    • • Successfully Forcible AttackTested by BRE to SR1, 2 & 3 resisting an intensive attack test program in accordance with LPS 1175: Issue 7.3.
      Security Rating 1
      – series of attacks lasting 1 minutes
      Security Rating 2
      – series of attacks lasting 3 minutes
      Security Rating 3
      – series of attacks lasting 5 minutes
    • Cantilevered Gate; requires no ground track or support across the roadway.
    • The gateleaf is supported by a main bottom beam, which slides 100mm above the road surface.
    • The balance is provided by a unique enclosed runback track, which enables the gate to be fully projected across the roadway without tipping.
    • Electronic control motor drive unit, 100% duty rated

    Operating Speed

    • Typical operating speeds of 200-250mm/second * depending on configuration


    • Disengaging box – manual override
    • 100/200mm Traffic Light System
    • Can be interfaced to any access control systems


    • Vehicle detector loops
    • Safety photocell beams and ultra-sonic sensors
    • Safety edges
    • Signage, audible alarms and flashing beacons

    Civil Requirements

    • Gate leaf foundation (millimetres) L: 300 + runback length x W: 1000 x D: 400
    • Receptor post foundation (millimetres) L: 600 x W: 860 x D: 400
    • Note: : Power and control wiring ducts to be incorporated into foundations
    • Minimum length of runback track: For gate widths of 8m Runback = Aperture x 1.5

    Electrical Requirements

    • 6 amp, 3 wire, 230v, 50hz, single phase supply

    Depending on configuration

    This is subject to a risk assessment to ensure the automatic equipment complies to BS EN 12453