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    Benefits & Features

    • Successfully impact tested to PAS 68
    • Aesthetically pleasing security that does not highlight valuable assets
    • Aluminium boom with the latest PST (Perimeter Security Technology)
    • Lower folding skirt as standard
    • Designed for ease of installation and maintenance
    • Hydraulically operated
    • Instantly reversible, 100% duty rated motor
    • Shallow foundation depths of only 500mm required. Foundation Type C

    Operating Speed

    • Typical speeds of 7-15 seconds* depending on configuration.


    • UPS (Uninterrupted power supply) or Accumulator allow a number of operations in power failure mode
    • In event of Power Failure options of Fail safe (remain in raised position) or Fail secure (remain in lowered position)
    • High Security Cabinet
    • Can be interfaced to any access control systems
    • Manual hand release for Power Fail Operation


    • Vehicle detector loops
    • Safety photocell beams
    • Flashing Beacon
    • Audible Alarm

    Civil Requirements

    • Barrier cabinet size (millimetres)
      L: 522 x W: 472 x H: 1145
    • Barrier base (millimetres)
      L: 1500 x W: 1000 x D: 500
    • End rest base (millimetres)
      L: 1000 x W: 8000 x D: 500
    • Note: Power and control wiring ducts may be required

    Electrical Requirements

    • 6 amp, 5 wire, three phase and neutral or 10 amp, 3 wire single phase

    This is subject to a risk assessment to ensure the automatic equipment complies to BS EN 12453

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