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    Benefits & Features

    • The Terra Quantum Bollard Innovative Direction of Travel - Side Folding Bollard uniquely raises and lowers
    • The Retractable Bollard is hydraulically driven, and twinned with a static unit
    • Each bollard has a manual hydraulic power unit including hydraulic reservoir, manual hand pump and manual release valve within the bollard enclosure
    • 2no. Terra Quantum Bollards back to back form a 4m clear aperture
    • The Terra Quantum Bollard can be retrofitted into an existing line of PAS 68 static bollards to provide an HVM access point
    • Control cabinet or self contained unit depending on configuration

    Finish Options

    • Polyester Powder Coated
    • Stainless Steel Clad


    • Manual hand pump allows a number of operations in power failure mode


    • Hold to run control
    • Safety Photocell Beams

    Operating Speed

    • Typical speeds of 12 seconds

    Civil Requirements

    • L: 2350 x W: 1000 x D: 450
    • Control Cabinet Foundation L: 800 x W: 800 x D: 300
    • Note Power and control wiring ducts may be required

    Electrical Requirements

    • Single Phase

    Depending on configuration

    This is subject to a risk assessment to ensure the automatic equipment complies to BS EN 12453

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