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    Benefits & Features

    • Successfully impact tested to IWA14
    • Easy glide, hydraulically driven
    • Outstanding 360° Hostile Vehicle Mitigation protection from the threat of VBIED’s (vehicle borne improvised explosive devices)
    • Designed to complement our Planet range of Static Bollard heights and diameters; interchangeable sleeves are fitted to the inner bollard core, creating a versatile and stylish perimeter protection solution.
    • 30% less steel than its predecessor with a visibly reduced footprint & attractive hexagonal plate
    • Designed for ease of installation with a simple fabric mesh pocket.
    • Designed for ease of maintenance
    • Instantly reversible, 100% duty rated motor
    • Control cabinet recommended to be installed within 10 metres of unit

    Operating Speed

    • Typical speeds of 4-6 seconds
    • EFO (extra fast operation) in up to 1-2 seconds


    • Accumulator or manual hand pump allow a number of operations in power failure mode
    • In the event of Power Failure options of Fail Secure or Fail Safe
    • High Security Cabinet
    • Can be interfaced to any access control systems
    • 100mm LED Traffic Light System


    • Vehicle detector loops
    • Safety Photocell Beams, Light Curtain, Ultra-sonic Sensors and Lasers

    Civil Requirements

    • L: 1200 x W: 1200 x D: 1515
    • Note: Power and control wiring ducts may be required
    • Control Cabinet Foundation (millimetres)
      L: 800 x W: 800 x D: 300

    Electrical Requirements

    • Three Phase Supply

    Depending on configuration

    This is subject to a risk assessment to ensure the automatic equipment complies to BS EN 12453

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